Evalion Ltd.


(Evalion Ltd.)

Czech Republic

Shortname: EVALION 


Description of the organization

Evalion Ltd. is Czech company providing quality services in the domain of complex international projects funded from various EU programmes. Evalion offers wide range of expertise  and knowledge regarding the European Union and its policies, subsidies, tenders and administrative and legal processes. The experience in all stages of project life circle has been gained from vast experience of the company experts from European projects since FP5. Within the EU research projects, the areas of activity involve project management and administration, dissemination and publicity activities, IPR management and internal and external communication. The main strengths are in rich personal references from participation and management of European projects and wide experience with evaluation and monitoring of projects in many EU countries and in various funding programmes (EEA grants, EU framework programme, Structural Funds, Central Europe programme...). Evalion is oriented on providing consultancy services respecting high technical, professional and ethical standards.

Main tasks attributed / previous experience related to those tasks

In CINCH-II project, EVALION is responsible for assisting the Coordinator in WP5, especially for tasks related to the Management Support Team (MST) of the project. Other contributions are planned for dissemination and training tasks in WP4, and minor organizational efforts in WP1 and WP2. The contributions of EVALION are based on previous experience of the key staff acquired in management and participation in EU FP projects since 2001. The experience ranges from administrative coordination of projects to assistance to project coordinators, WP management or just project development and consultancy. Selected projects: FP7 EURATOM CINCH, FP7 EURATOM ASGARD, FP7 CEUBIOM, eContent+ ENRICH project, FP5 IRON CURTAIN, FP5 ENERGY FOREST, FP6 EPRI Start, FP6 FLOODSITE, FP5 IMPACT, FP5 TRANSCAT, Central Europe Programme ETNOFOLK and others.

Short profiles of the key staff members

Petr Koran, co-founder and executive head of Evalion Ltd. Has more than 10-years- experience in area of development, management and implementation of international research projects funded by the EC and other donors. He has geotechnical engineering background with specialization in unsaturated soil mechanics and laboratory tests of soils and rocks. He was involved in development of FP7 EURATOM CINCH proposal for the Czech Technical University. He is administrative coordinator of FP7 EURATOM ASGARD project.

Miroslava Stilijanova, Project Manager in Evalion, responsible for administrative management tasks in FP7 ASGARD project. Miroslava takes care of internal knowledge management platform, internal project communication, dissemination and various administrative and organizational tasks.

Jakub Heller, co-founder of Evalion Ltd. Mr Heller has over 6-years-experience in management of EU projects in international environment. He acted as administrative coordinator of eContent+ ENRICH project, he is Administrative Manager of Central Europe ETNOFOLK project and evaluator in different programmes. His professional background is environmental engineering.

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