CINCH education platforms

images/links_cinch.jpg NucWik - CINCH-created wiki for learning aids in Nuclear Chemistry

images/links_cinch.jpg CINCH Moodle - CINCH-created e-learning platform for Nuclear Chemistry

Linked projects


images/links_enen.jpg   ENEN-III project "Fluid System Construction and Commissioning Engineers"

 images/enetrap.jpg   ENETRAP project homepage  "Radiation Protection Experts"  


 images/asgard.JPG    ASGARD project homepage  


images/acsept.jpg    ACSEPT and SACSESS project homepages 




images/fairfuels.jpg    FAIRFUELS  project homepage 


images/talisman.jpg    TALISMAN and ACTINET project homepage 


Important organizations

images/links_enen.jpg ENEN Association - European Nuclear Education Network

images/links_ens.jpg ENS - European Nuclear Society

images/logo_euratom.jpgimages/flag_eu.gif Euratom - The European Atomic Energy Community

images/links_iaea.gif IAEA - International Atomic Energy Agency

images/links_wna.png WNA - World Nuclear Association


Educational Resources - Nuclear Chemistry

images/links_nucleonica.jpg Nucleonica - web driven nuclear science


Useful links

images/links_WNN_logo.gif WNN - World Nuclear News

images/links_STAR_logo.gif STAR - Strategy for Allied Radioecology

images/links_Euract_NMR_logo.jpg EURACT*NMR - Transnational Access to Unique European Actinide and Radiological NMR Facilities