Past events

Session at RadChem 2014

CINCH-II Session on Nuclear Chemistry Education and Training was performed at RadChem conference, Mariánské Lázně, May 11-16 2014. Please, see the conference homepage for details.

Profs. Jan John and Jukka Lehto were the session organizers, Profs. Jukka Lehto and Kenneth Czerwinski were the conveners of the verbal part of the session. The session comprised one 1.5 hours verbal session and a poster session. The verbal part included 5 lectures, four of them were invited and delivered by the CINCH partners. These talks described the results achieved within the CINCH project and the plans of the CINCH‑II project. One contributed lecture focused on the applied radiochemical education in the USA with regards to the technetium and actinides. Both the verbal and poster parts of the Education session were very well attended – the number of participants at the verbal session can be estimated as about 100. Thus, the global nuclear and radiochemical community received a very good picture of the European activities in this field. Leading role of Europe in the coordination of education and training in nuclear and radiochemistry was clearly confirmed.


4th CINCH-II meeting

4thy CINCH-II Project Meeting took place on June 17, 2015 in Helsinki, Finland. Workshop on Nuclear and Radiochemistry Education in Europe was organized prior to the meeting on June 15-16, 2015.

3rd CINCH-II meeting

The 3rd CINCH-II Project Meeting was organized in January 2015 in Paris. NukWik course lead by J.P.Omtvedt took place on January 28, 2015 during the 3rd Project Meeting of CINCH2.

CINCH-II workshop

Workshop on Nuclear and Radiochemistry Education in Europe

This workshop aimed at delivering the audience the information about CINCH and its topics. Group discussions on (1) NRC Network, (2) NRC EuroMaster and (3) Student exchange took place together with working courses on NucWik, RoboLab and CINCH Moodle.