Associated Partners

The CINCH Associated Partners are corporate bodies having a legal status and belonging to one of the following categories:

who :

The Associated Partners have the right to nominate, by a formal notice signed by an authorised representative of the institution and addressed to CINCH coordinator, a representative of their organisation to be a member of the CINCH Advisory Board.

Based on their formal Expressions of Interest, new Associated Partners are elected by the Management Board, by a majority of two-thirds of the votes cast, according to the criteria defined here above.

Associate Partners can be consulted by the CINCH Management Board on relevant subjects under discussion, but will have no voting rights on the Management Board.

Associate Partners are to sign an agreement accepting and acknowledging that all information disclosed by all the members of CINCH is confidential and that they each undertake to keep confidential any proprietary information belonging to each of the members of CINCH and not disclose it to any third party or use it themselves for any purpose other than a purpose directed by CINCH.

Associated Partners without a Voting right at the Advisory Board

By concluding a Memorandum of Understanding, corporate bodies meeting the criteria defined here above but based outside the European Union or one of its candidate member countries may become Associated Partners without a Voting right at the Advisory Board.

Full CINCH Associated Partners Statutes can be downloaded here.


List of Associated Partners