End-users and Advisory Group (EAG)

To ascertain ability to give fruitful input with respect to the MEET-CINCH goals, the EAG will be established with representatives of relevant industries, academia, regulatory bodies and TSOs (e.g. for academia Prof. Jon Petter Omtvedt, University of Oslo  or for regulatory bodies the UK Nuclear Decommissioning Authority NDA, ANDRA etc.).

EAG will be established at the kick-off meeting and reinforced during the project. The EAG has as its main objective to ensure the feed-back during the project and to contribute to information interchange with the major nuclear stakeholders’ organisations („employers“) such as, e.g. WANO, relevant existing European structures such as, e.g. the “training” Working Groups of SNE TP, IGD-TP, ENEF and ENSREG, or the YGN; or the part of academia not represented in MEET-CINCH.

EAGs main tasks should be to advise “how” and direct/specify “what” thus ensuring that the MEET-CINCH activities aim at the target in the straightest and the most efficient way. This will be achieved among others by mediating discussions and transfer of knowledge more developed in other fields such as, e.g. mutual recognition (HERCA), taxonomy (IAEA), or nuclear operators’ needs (WANO-member representative).