High School NRC Teaching Package

Within the MEET-CINCH project, the National Nuclear Laboratory has delivered a “teaching package for high school use” which aims to raise young people’s awareness of the available careers in nuclear and radiochemistry, and attract them to the field. The overall objective was to develop a standalone teaching package that high school chemistry teachers can confidently use in-class to introduce their students to nuclear and radiochemistry. The high school material makes use of remote-operated “RoboLab” experiments that were developed by the University of Oslo and the Leibniz University Hannover during the CINCH projects. RoboLabs allow students to remotely operate an experiment in a real radiochemical laboratory using modern computer-controlled hardware.

The teaching package is now available and can be accessed online via the CINCH Moodle platform here.

More information on the development of the package and the extremely positive feedback received during the pilot workshops are described and can be found here.