Aims and objectives

The main objectives of MEET-CINCH can be specified as follows:

  • To extend further the number of VET courses developed in the previous projects and make them better available to the respective end-users. To reach this objective:
    • the CINCH-II VET Syllabus will be updated to cover all the courses developed and demonstrated under CINCH, CINCH-II and MEET-CINCH projects
    • based on an update of the earlier survey of end-users need and making use of the courses developed up to the “course material delivery” in the earlier projects, several new courses will be completed and brought up to the pilot level. These courses will make use of combination of all the existing tools – e.g. RoboLab exercises, Computers in Science exercises, CINCH Moodle course management system – and will both use and expand the teaching material available from NucWik.
    • a new platform – CINCH VET-e-shop – will be launched that will provide easy access to and details of, including periodicity and pricing, all courses brought at least to a pilot level. This platform is expected to be a major contribution to the sustainability of the results achieved in all the mentioned projects.
  • To attract new talents to the nuclear field. This will be achieved by increasing the awareness of the importance of Nuclear and Radiochemistry for society by:
    • developing and offering a MOOC on NRC's importance. In addition to increasing the awareness, this is expected to increase the number of students that select a career path which includes a NRC component  
    • developing a teaching package aimed for use in high-schools for 16-18-year-old pupils. The package will demonstrate the importance of NRC for society and future work opportunities. A pilot will be run in the UK for their "A-level" pupils at the targeted age group. Similarly to MOOC, this activity is expected to increase the number of students that select an education that includes a NRC component, small or large
    • establishing a Mobility Fund that will facilitate participation of students and young researchers from other “chemistry” Euratom joint projects, such as e.g. BIFROST and GENIORS, in lab courses and summer schools provided by MEET-CINCH or other activities.
  • The modern Flipped Classroom (or so called Inverted Classroom) concept will complement the available tools for teaching and training in the nuclear and radiochemistry field. In conjunction with the NucWik database of teaching materials, a set of the RoboLab remote operated laboratory experiments and the CINCH Moodle distant learning management platform MEET-CINCH will provide a comprehensive toolkit, available in the VET-e shop mentioned above. The end user will be able to compile courses tailored to individual needs from this flexible modular base of teaching material.