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United Kingdom

Shortname: NNL 


Description of the organization

The UK's National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) is a leading nuclear technology services provider.
We specialise in providing customers with tailored solutions by applying the right level of technical innovation and intellectual support. Formerly the Research and Development arm of British Nuclear Fuels Ltd. (BNFL), NNL is owned by the UK government and operated by a management consortium of Serco, Battelle and the University of Manchester. With nuclear reactor and fuel technology services based on nearly 30 years of expertise, NNL offers customers analysis and support across all aspects of current and future reactor operation and design.

NNL supports the continued safe and efficient operation of nuclear generation systems and is involved in the optioneering of new fuel and reactor types and fuel cycle solutions.

Main tasks attributed / previous experience related to those tasks

NNLs will mainly contribute to WP2 as a leader: Completing a pan-European offer of training courses for the customers from the industries.

Under the Task 2.1, to Determine Industry and National Requirements for VET / CPD, NNL proposed to identify typical VET / CPD[1][1] training requirements for a fully developed nuclear state. This will include course topics, course length, delivery method, and target audience, determine potential future VET / CPD requirements to meet future needs and to determine certification /accreditation requirements.

Under Task 2.2, Course Production, the CINCH-II project members will collectively establish which CINCH-II partners are best placed to deliver the individual courses, identify potential lead organisations for each course and respective lead organisations will prepare syllabus for each course.

In scope of Task 2.3: Dissemination, NNL will establish a CINCH-II VET / CPD Prospectus, and also establish a syllabus for the CINCH-II VET / CPD Courses including course descriptions, learning outcomes.


Short profiles of the key staff members

Paul J Scully is a chartered chemical engineer with over 18 years industrial experience in the nuclear sector. He is the Business Manager for Engineering Design within the National Nuclear Laboratory, where he leads a multi-discipline design team undertaking nuclear process design supporting UK and overseas Spent Fuel Management and Nuclear Materials R&D including facilities design support to facilitate Nuclear Chemistry R&D in the NNL's Central Laboratory at Sellafield. Paul also leads on the NNL's internship scheme and graduate programme for both science and engineering.

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