CINCH Talks: Webinar Radiotracers - the singing detectives

The A-CINCH consortium is pleased to announce the ninth A-CINCH MOOC webinar called Radiotracers - The singing detectives organized by Politecnico di Milano. It is a webinar within the CINCH Talks series organized to enhance the MOOC "Essential Radiochemistry for Society". The webinar is open to all interested attendees. 
The webinar will bring us into the tracer technology applications and will be held by Prof. Emer. Dr. Tor Bjørnstad, from the Department of Chemistry at the University of Oslo, on June 6th at 12 p.m. UTC. 
Prof. Bjørnstad is professor in radiochemistry since 1985 and has been involved in the Tracer Technology field since 1987, mainly working with petroleum- and industry-related problems. He will explain us advantages and limitations of radiotracers by practical examples in industry, civil engineering, environment and nuclear medicine. 
In the attached flyer you can find the links to the CV of the speaker, a short abstract of the webinar, the participation form, the live event and a link to the YouTube channel where you can also find the recordings of all the past webinars.