CINCH Talks: Webinar on Radiation Chemistry and Technology

The A-CINCH project would like to invite you to the sixth MOOC webinar called “Radiation chemistry and technology as a basis for environmental protection technologies” organized by Politecnico di Milano. The webinar is held by Prof. Andrzej Chmielewski from the Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology (Poland) on November 7th at 12 pm UTC. Prof. Chmielewski is an internationally recognized scientist in the field of Radiation Chemistry and Technology. 

In the flyer, you can find the links to a brief presentation of the speaker, a short abstract of the webinar, the participation form, the live event and also the YouTube channel where you can find the recordings of all the past webinars.

The webinar is part of the MOOC "Essential Radiochemistry for Society" that is freely available. More information on the structure of the online course and the link can be found in the MOOC flyer.