Hands-on training on analysis of alpha, beta and gamma emitters by radiochemical spectroscopic techniques

The A-CINCH consortium would like to invite you to the Hands-on training on analysis of alpha, beta and gamma emitters by radiochemical spectroscopic techniques. The course is organized by the Jožef Stefan Institute and University of Cyprus. It takes place on 13 – 17 June, 2022 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.


This training course aims at delivering the basics of alpha, beta and gamma spectroscopy techniques for the determination of radionuclides in environmental samples. Within the training course participants will get familiar with the radiochemical analysis of alpha, beta and gamma emitters by radiometric techniques, gain understanding of basic principles of radiochemical analysis, get familiar with alpha, beta and gamma spectrometry, be able to understand radiochemical analytical procedures and apply them on practical problems. In addition, they will gain practical skills of working in radiochemistry laboratory and handling radioactive materials.

Participants should have interest in analytical radiochemistry, basic knowledge on radioactive decay, analytical chemistry and detection of radionuclides

Course structure

The course is structured in two phases. The first part is delivered as a distance learning course and will take place at moodle.cinch-project.eu.

The second part will include practical hands-on training and will take place at the Jožef Stefan Institute, Department of Environmental Sciences. It includes hands-on experience on determining uranium in calcite samples, Po-210, Pb-210 in fish samples and Cs-137 in water. 

For more information on the Hands-on training and registration, please, click here.

The deadline for registrations is April 30, 2022.

No course fee will be charged to the participants and a budget exists to support travel and accommodation expenditures of the participants. To apply for the Travel Fund grant, please, click here.

Registration to the course and application for the Travel Fund grant are two separate procedures and are to be completed in parallel.