Basics of Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Generation of Radioactive Waste

CINCH Talks Third Webinar

The A-CINCH project would like to invite you to the third webinar within the A-CINCH MOOC talks series organized by the Politecnico di Milano called Essential Radiochemistry for Society: Basics of Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Generation of Radioactive Waste. 

Dr. Vladimir Petrov, Radiochemistry Division, Department of Chemistry, Lomonosov Moscow State University 

Moderator: Prof. Mario Mariani, Politecnico di Milano

Date: July 28th 2021, 11 a.m. (UTC)



Nuclear power is a low-carbon source of energy. This energy is produced at nuclear power plants (NPP). But before energy is released in reactor, there are many steps through a so-called Nuclear Fuel Cycle (NFC). NFC includes all the steps from uranium ore mining to energy production from nuclear fuel in nuclear reactors and finally to burial of radioactive waste. Radioactive wastes are generated in every step of NFC: tailing during mining and extraction of uranium, by-products of uranium purification and enrichment, ion-exchange resins at NPPs, liquid radioactive waste arising during reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel etc.

During this seminar we will go briefly through every step of nuclear fuel cycles (it is not the only one) and will see what type of radioactive waste and where are generated in NFC.

Here you can find a brief presentation of the speaker. 

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