CINCH Talks: The First Webinar

Tracking immune cells using PET

On behalf of the A-CINCH project, the POLIMI partner invites you to the first A-CINCH MOOC webinar. It is the first of a series of "CINCH Talks" organized for the MOOC participants and all the interested people. It will be held on April 302021 at 2 pm (Helsinki time).

Tracking immune cells using PET

Dr. Mirkka Sarparanta, Chemistry Dept. – University of Helsinki

Moderator: Dr. Sudeed Das, Chemistry Dept. - University of Helsinki


Sensitive and quantitative nuclear imaging is a potent tool for the investigation of tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes and immune checkpoints interactions in immune-oncology for improved therapy and patient selection. This webinar will review the different approaches currently employed in nuclear imaging adoptively transferred cells (e.g. chimeric antigen receptor CAR T cells) with recent examples from literature and the own work of Dr. Sarparanta.

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